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Сентябрь 5th, 2010 Look, they shoot them at Ukrainian escort service – pushed into the side of my father’s daughter.
- What’s so surprising – coolly observed the man – we have it easy. You’ll see, girls to form a little damaged, but in the end will give a talk.
And, indeed, something unstressed speaking, two couples joined together and went to the car, left the guys in the parking lot.
- Look, look, they carry them! – In the excitement screamed Ukrainian escort girls.
Pope’s great laugh its genuine surprise. She looked out of the habit of the order of free customs, reigning in Moscow. He remembered the excitement and the square eyes of the Americans every time he came back from the city. Dad could not understand what was happening until it came to a simple explanation: Americans just rode the Moscow subway and walked the streets of Moscow, where the crowds go to beautiful girls at Ukrainian escort and women, and everyone looks at you with such a look, as if to say, only Suggest to me and I’ll give you everything. Read the rest of this entry »

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Сентябрь 4th, 2010

prostitutochki.comHe certainly was at home of Ukraine escort sex. Bernard rarely left home, he was a computer maniac and all his free time spent in virtual reality. In Jean-Francois had his own key. He opened the door and entered the apartment, its appalling disorder. Yes, Bernard was there, as always, in his virtual reality helmet and spiked with the wiring. He reclined in his big armchair, for some reason moaned, sometimes giggling. I think he was not quite dressed. Jean-Francois saw only his head at the back of the chair. He decided not to interfere and went immediately to the Ukraine escort agency kitchen. The refrigerator was almost empty. He took some bank with a refreshing drink, opened it and began to slowly sip, staring out the window, where light is a huge screen with advertising. And suddenly he saw her, lady from Ukraine escort, Merishu rather its luminous image. She was holding just the same bank. Jean-Francois choked. The image changed.
- Jean Francois? You’re a long time come? – Called him Bernard, who had entered the kitchen, he was wearing a robe.
- Recently. Do you away from your computer for more than ten steps?
- I wanted something to drink. Give me the jar! By the way, hello.
- Hello.
- In your face again, all the signs of unrequited love. Who is this again?
- What’s the difference! Read the rest of this entry »

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Сентябрь 3rd, 2010

prostitutochki.comWithout hesitation, he brought it before the crowd and announced that this escorts Kiev girl is actually his fiancee, because it is not bestowed his love to anyone but a knight. That’s the whole story of escort Ukraine.
And dear narrator, with a sigh, pulled a face as joy.
- No, not all, – said the pope. – This story should end like this: «They lived happily ever after and died in one day.»
- No, – said sadly daughter – she unfortunately died much earlier.
- Why? – Alert dad.
- Sick, silly.
In the voice of the escorts Kiev girls dad when he heard a barely suppressed tears. He hugged her and kissed her forehead, then chest, then in the stomach.
- Care it, – he heard a whisper it bewildered daughter.
But never, never in his life, he had not seen her live, only on the covers of magazines, which he bought bunches, in advertising and television programs about fashion. All the walls in his apartment were plastered images Merishi, they called this unrequited escort Ukraine love, Jean Francois, and all night long he watched video tapes, where there was only this. Read the rest of this entry »

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Сентябрь 2nd, 2010

prostitutochki.comThen one day my daughter was walking alone near the river, and rode past the knight errant. He traveled a long time and very hungry for independent Ukraine escort female beauty. Seeing her daughter, who was very pretty, and he decided to take her. Knight quickly caught a rabbit in the woods and approached the girl, as if to ask for directions. When she saw in the hands of a knight bunny, then a strong desire to have such.
- Knight, please give me the bunny, – asked the Ukraine escorts girl.
- I would give you the Bunny – shrugged knight – but instead I need from you love.
- Oh, – she threw up her hands. – But I have no love.
- Yes, yes, – began assuring her knight.
- Honestly, no.
- Give I you look for it.
The knight dismounted and began to look for love from girl. Very soon it was, but instead left a Ukraine escorts bunny. And now she has resorted to his mother and cried: Read the rest of this entry »

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Сентябрь 1st, 2010 What’s the matter in Ukraine escort models? – Said he was alarmed, quickly turning the ignition key.
My daughter did not answer. Stooping, she held her stomach, trying to overcome the pain.
- To take you to the hospital? – Again he asked, touching her shoulder.
My daughter is still silent. Dad did not even see her face Closed her hair down.
- Do not be silent! Speak up, take you home or better in the hospital?
lady from vip escort in Ukraine straightened, took several gulps for breath, and slightly relaxed.
- Wait, – finally she said, – I can not so quick to think.
- But you have something to do with the stomach is better not to joke.
- Well, then go escort in Ukraine agency.
- You sure?
- Yes, I know that it will be better. Now I need to lie down.
Squeal tread on the asphalt, Dad pulled the car away. He had never traveled so fast and at the same time so carefully, trying not to cause additional suffering daughter. He almost made it into a huge apartment, located in a big Stalinist building on Frunze Embankment. When he was putting her to bed, he suddenly really felt like a parent with care bedding her child.
- Tell me something – like a real child suddenly asked the girl from Ukraine escort. Read the rest of this entry »

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Август 31st, 2010 – Fortune told us – suddenly asked manger of independent Kiev escort.
- And I guess faith will not allow it, and still Luba, Adya and my wife Valentina. I mean you know everything. I know where you are.
- Well, where? – Skeptically asked Dad.
- Where? From all of us – from the Kiev escort.
Daughter and dad laughed at the unexpected answer.
- Well, after all, what will happen to us? – Continued to insist lady from independent Kiev girls.
- And the same thing with hourglass.
- How is it? – She raised her eyebrows in surprise.
- And so: the woman and man – is an hourglass. A man comes into a woman. Woman gets bigger until the whole does not turn over, and already she begins to emit from a new person. So all in each other and stem.
At this time a large group of tourists out of the double-decker bus and clung to the marble threshold viewing platform. Injun started to fuss a little, probably hoping to find willing to be photographed in a crowd of newcomers onlookers.
- Well, I’m talking too much here with you. Time for me to land back. And the girls grow upin Kiev escort, will soon begin to steal …
- Wait – stopped his dad – there’s money.
- No, just so I do not take the money. Read the rest of this entry »